Where to start? Creating virtual library spaces.

Litzinger, Vicki.

Buerkett, Rebecca. (2014). Where to start? Creating virtual library spaces. Knowledge Quest, 42(4), E23-E27.


As we rethink and change our physical library spaces, the author points out that we cannot forget about our virtual spaces as well, “…creating a virtual library space should be a priority.” (E23) Buerkett walks us through the important steps of this process: choosing a platform, deciding on resources to include on the site, assessing the site, and tweaking, constantly. She also reminds to include a blog or news feed, pictures of students, widgets such as Shelfari or Flickr, and to certainly consider appeal and functionality. The author includes useful examples of websites to visit for ideas.

This article was concise and provided me with valuable information as I rethink my library’s presence online, and why I need to revise my website. I appreciated the reminder that a thoughtful and useful web presence is a valuable advocacy tool, and that it might be first place to start when rethinking and revisioning my library program.