Categories & Tags

This list represents some of the categories that past students have created within each main topic. Take from this list or create your own category or tag that represents your specific post. When tagging, make sure to hit enter after each keyword(s). When coming up with tag keywords think metadata!

ET-Brain Research
ET-Constructivism and Behaviorism
ET-Government and Professions
ET-Inquiry and Problem-based Learning
ET-Learning Styles
ET-Multiple Intelligences
ET-New Trends
ET-Standards-based Education
ET-Understanding by Design

CA-Assessment Strategies
CA-Who Decides
CA-Written Curriculum

CO-Behaviorist Teachers
CO-Collaboration Strategies
CO-Constructivist Teachers
CO-Definition of Collaboration
CO-Overcoming Barriers
CO-School Organization

NOTE: You will not see any Inquiry and Design (ID) categories listed on the right as the label was recently changed from Information Literacy (IL). Only use ID.

ID-Analysis and Synthesis
ID-Big Six
ID-Communication of Products
ID-Constructivism and IL
ID-Creative Thinking
ID-Critical Thinking
ID-Habits of Mind and Dispositions
ID-Integrated or Separate
ID-Location of Information
ID-Media Literacy
ID-Other IL Models
ID-Other Literacies
ID-Read, View, Listen
ID-Reflection and Big Think
ID-Research about IL
ID-Visual Literacy