Reading Insights

Amy Hubschman

ET- Brain Research
ET- Learning Styles

Krashen, S. (2004). The power of reading. Insights from the research. Portsmouth, NW: Heinemann Publishers

This 150 page book summarizes what the majority of the scholarly research says about current reading trends, current reading programs, reading initiatives, reading policies, and the various types of general reading being done by children and schools across the United States.  It also discusses how reading influences cognitive development in young children.  Every discussion is backed up professional studies and offers readers quick summaries of what the complied findings do and don’t say on the particular topics.   
Although this book covers numerous topics the main focus of the book is FVR or Free Voluntary Reading.  FVR is one of the main highlights of most libraries.  Information professionals have the task of connecting the patron to the needed piece of information and majority of the time that is FVR information pieces/topics.  This book would be helpful for new classroom educators and new school librarians to summarize the vast majority of current research involving reading trends and give them a firm foundation of what professionals and leaders in the field of information science collectively say on various topics.