Information Overload and Technology Addiction

Goodman, Jana

Sullivan, A. (2016). I used to be a human being. The New York Times. Retrieved from:

Summary:  This is an article about the dangers of information overload and the author’s personal experience and recovery from technology addiction.  Sullivan is an amazingly skilled author who in the past has used self examination and deep empathy to write about depression and the experiences of families who have a member with a mental illness or disability.  This article is mind-blowing and an important read for everyone involved in technology and information.  He makes the argument (and he is not the first person to make it) that the overload of information and constant information seeking is robbing us of important human connection.

Evaluation: I think this is an excellent article, it is very long but I was riveted.  It raises an important idea for librarians.  Even as we show students or patrons how to access limitless amounts of information, we should remember to also teach them life skills to limit this information.  What are the daily habits they need to form to use ever-changing technology and information in a reasonable and limited way so it does not erode their person to person skills and rob them of desperately important human contact?