How to Label Your Posts

Select from the categories list when you are ready to publish your post (i.e. CO if your post is about Collaboration). Creating your own “tags” that represent your specific article is optional. (Categories and Tags in WordPress are virtually the same).

The purpose of using controlled vocabulary labels in our blog is to assist all students who take this course (past, present, and future) to easily search and access content.

All articles and research materials fall into one of the four main topics outlined in the Project 1 Overview.

Four Main Topics:
Educational Theory and Practice (ET)
Curriculum Assessment (CA)
Collaboration (CO)
Inquiry and Design (ID)

All other content (discussion posts, inquiries, entertainment, etc.) unrelated to research is labeled with the indicator Z.

All other content (Z)

When you share an article please include:

  1. Your name: Last, First
  2. Your main topic (i.e. CO)
  3. The bibliographic citation, preferably in APA format. Make sure to include a working link.
  4. A summary of the article in your own words (this may be as brief as you want it to be).
  5. An evaluation or opinion of the article / research.
  6. CATEGORIES & TAGS are essential for users to search this blog. Select a category from the list on the right then create “tags” that are relevant to your article. (Think metadata).


Loertscher, David


APA formatted citation of your article

Summary of your article

Evaluation or opinion of your article