The Blended Librarian in the Learning Commons

Andrighetto, Kourtney

ET- Blended Learning, Learning Commons
IL- 21st-Century Learning

Sinclair, B. (2009). The blended librarian in the learning commons: New skills for the blended library. College & Research Libraries News, 70(9), 504-516.

According to Steven Bell and John Shank, the term “blended librarian” is what 21st-century librarians must aspire to in order to remain relevant, which is taking more initiative to immerse themselves in co-teaching opportunities, unit planning, and thinking as the user, or “design thinking.” The blended librarian must develop technology literacies and learn how to use and teach emerging technologies to enhance instruction and learning. This article also addresses how blended librarians may function within a learning commons library model. This article is an informative resource explaining the role of librarians in the 21st-century learning commons and how technology integration is imperative to the sustainability of libraries.