Potential Effects of Teaching Strategies on Students’ Academic Performance under a Trump Administration

Lopez, Carrie


Guirguis, R. & Pankowski, J. Potential Effects of Teaching Strategies on Students’ Academic Performance under a Trump Administration Retrieved from http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1133888.pdf

Article examines the potential effects of the Trump Administration on teaching in NY state, examines possible effects on ELLs and low socio-economic status students as privatization could possible affect access to programs such as Head Start, etc. Though this article focuses on New York State, the implications certainly extend to other areas, food for thought for anyone teaching in an economically disadvantaged school or area.

The Voucher System

Katy Golden


Catapano, J. (n.d.). What is a voucher system? Retrieved from http://www.teachhub.com/what-voucher-system.

I thought this article was helpful because I had a lot of questions about the voucher system. This simple article articulates both the pros and cons of a voucher system and its effect on schools, students, and discrimination. It also briefly discusses the few states that have experimented with the voucher system and how it has (and might) affect curriculum and standards in both public and private schools.

I really appreciated this arrticle because I thought it was a pretty unbiased and comprehensive overview of the concept. In Michigan, there are very strong feelings about the voucher system – and charter schools in general – so it was nice to read the justification behind the system and see that it can have good intentions. I don’t know what will happen with the public and private school system, but after reading this article, I feel like I have more of the facts.

How Librarians Are Fighting Trump: Make America Read Again

Martinez, Evelyn

Rebolini, A., Tyack, L., Ettachfini, L., Sheedy, C., Lawson, K., Skaff, M., Dolan-Sandrino, G. (2017, February 20). ‘Not Sitting Quietly Anymore’: How Librarians Are Fighting Trump. Retrieved April 12, 2017, from https://broadly.vice.com/en_us/article/not-sitting-quietly-anymore-how-librarians-are-fighting-trump

This article describes how for them being a librarian is political and after Trump became president some librarians decided to take action against his executive orders.  This article depicts how historically librarians have played key roles in progressive movements.


After Trump Was Elected, Librarians Had To Rethink Their System For Fact-Checking

Martinez, Evelyn

Crum, M. (2017, March 12). After Trump Was Elected, Librarians Had To Rethink Their System For Fact-Checking. Retrieved April 12, 2017, from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/after-trump-librarians-develop-new-fact-checking-system_us_58c071d3e4b0ed7182699786

This is a very informative and interesting article explaining a method that some librarians are using to to distinguish real facts and news from fake facts and news.   Librarians will use a resource called the CRAAP (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy & Purpose) test created by Meriam Library at CSU Chico to distinguish between fact and fiction.