Information Inquiry, evolving models

Goodman, Jana


Callison, D: Baker, K. (2014). Elements of information inquiry, evolution of models, & measured reflection. Knowledge Quest. 43, 2, 18-24.

Summary: This is a very detailed but well thought out article about the five elements that have remained central in the leading informational instructional models.  They are questioning, exploration, assimilation, inference and reflection.  The authors explain the evolution of these ideas towards a model of inquiry.  The article includes very detailed and easy to read tables linking styles of inquiry with their corresponding elements.

Evaluation: The funny thing about this article is that I am still trying to make sense of it but it feels very important to me.  It was a very accessible description of inquiry and the connection with information literacy instruction models.  It is a lot to digest but a well thought out, and more workable discussion of this topic.