The Maker Movement and the Library Movement: Understanding the Makerspaces Opportunity

Heichel, Paula
ET Maker Spaces
IL 3D Printing
Adam, S., & Dysart, J. (2014). The Maker Movement and the Library Movement: Understanding the Makerspaces Opportunity. Feliciter, 60(1), 11-13.
Summary: A symposium on Creative Making in Libraries & Museums designed and led by the authors of the article garnered valuable insight about the opportunity traditional establishments have used to transform available space into a variety of different maker spaces.  Experts from Canada and the United States share progress made through writing labs, 3D printing and scanning, neighborhood workshops, robotics and off grid access to digital information. The message from the “tips to success” portion of this article emphasizes the process of making something over quickly getting to the end result, or product.  The expectation of failure and experiential learning equals a safe and engaging place where patrons share and celebrate the acquisition of skills and information. The success of the Maker Movement at every level is dependent on activities that allow user, or student-centered learning to engage and motive participants.
Evaluation: The articles gives clear examples and general guidance for using the opportunity the Maker Movement advocates. Good examples of successful maker spaces are explained. Other schools and museums that are incorporating or wondering about the aspects of maker spaces and the resources available to the staff and/or public users will find the article useful. The authors continue to conduct symposiums to advocate this type of networking for libraries, museum and any other institution interested in participating in the movement.
The best advice is at the very end of the article: START SMALL and build-on the positive results.