The Best Animation Tools, from CrazyTalk and Toon Boom to Free Web Apps

Alan Phelps
Stern, J. (2011, May). The Best Animation Tools, from CrazyTalk and Toon Boom to Free Web Apps. Retrieved from

This is a good informative review article discussing online animation tools and some of the ways they are being used in schools. The article talks about the importance of schools giving students a creative outlet and tools to express themselves but the bulk of the article is a review of the best pay and free online animation tools. CrazyTalk and ToonBoom were selected as the best pay tools and they recommend quite a few free online sites like AniBoom and CreaToon 3.0 as two of the best. They also review and recommend some non-animated comic strip creation tools that look fun and interesting.
I liked this article because it was non biased and informative. It gave good concise information on each tool or website and explained what they liked and disliked about each. I am particularly interested in this because next year I want to begin creating a maker space in the high school library at which I am the TL. Over the course of the next few years I want to use part of the library space for drawing, digital storytelling, animation, video making, and someday, maybe even 3-D printing. I will refer back to this article when I am ready to begin work on this space. While this article is from 2011 I think it is still relevant but I need to look into the recommended sites and tools to see if they are still at the top.

Free Technology for Teachers: 100 Practical Ed Tech Tips Videos

Beverly Rupe

Byrne, R. (2015, April 21). Free technology for teachers: 100 practical Ed Tech tips videos [Web log post]. Retrieved from

Free Technology for Teachers: 100 Practical Ed Tech Tips Videos

Richard Byrne’s blog ( is a great resource for teachers and librarians. I seem to always find something personally useful, or useful to someone else at work. This is a link to just one very practical example, but every visit to this blog is always worthwhile. A must-add to any PLN.