Great Video on Behaviorist Theory

Jeselyn Templin


G., C. [Caitlin G.]. (2015, September 20). The breakdown: Behaviorist theory . Retrieved from

Caitlin G’s video on Behaviorist theory effectively breaks down the finer points of both Behaviorism and Constructivism by explaining their relationship to one another and how they differ.

The way she breaks down Behaviorism and Constructivism is very accessible to novices in the field. I appreciate the examples she uses, like Pavlov’s dogs to explain response to stimuli, to make sure her viewers understand what she is talking about. By the end of the video I felt well-versed in the basics of Behaviorist theory and ready to research more in the form of scholarly articles.

Making the Classroom-library Connection

Moreillon, J. (2016). Making the classroom-library connection. Teacher Librarian 43(3). p 8-18.
Summary: This article describes the author’s experience with providing a workshop to pre-service teachers about collaboration and co-teaching with a teacher-librarian. The workshop was co-taught and featured small and whole-group sessions where preservice teachers were exposed to areas of teacher-librarian expertise such as copyright and fair use and a co-planning demonstration.  The author found that the majority of preservice teachers saw the benefit of collaboration with a teacher librarian and that efforts by teacher-librarians to reach out to these teachers would generally be well-received.

Evaluation: This article stresses an important element about co-teaching that is rarely addressed in the literature: teacher instruction. While librarians are taught about collaboration and co-teaching as fundamental to their careers, preservice teachers are not getting this exposure in their education. The author suggests that teacher-librarians reach out to teachers for co-planning, and that engaging new teachers in collaboration early can set the stage for more co-teaching. The author also suggests that this workshop could be given to education students and foster the idea of collaboration and co-teaching before teachers enter the school system.