Action Item: Liberation Library by Leila Roy

Alicia Morales

Roy, L. (2016). Action Item: Liberation Library. Book Riot. Retrieved on December 1, 2016 from
Summary: This article/ video is about a project called Liberation Library, its a program that collects and donates books to juveniles in various detention centers in the Chicago area. In addition to books, the volunteers that serve Liberation Library also make bookmarks and handwritten notes to the recipients of the books. The mission of Liberation Library is “to encourage imagination, self-determination and connection to the outside worlds of their choosing”.
Evaluation: I picked this article because to me it highlighted the various possibilities of a library program. Like Liberation Library I too feel that having access to books is a “right and not a privilege”. I think empowering any student to see the relationship between themselves and books/ideas is essential to changing the direction of any person. I think a school library could help promote a program that helps the less advantaged, it was a very moving story.