The Learning Commons

Bagley-Rowe, Heather


Moreillon, J. (2017). The Learning Commons. Teacher Librarian, 44(3), 21-25.

The learning commons provides schools and teacher librarians the opportunity to redefine the library as a dynamic place in the learning community, and to establish teacher librarians as leaders in 21st century learning. Future ready librarians collaborate with teachers — and administrators — to ensure project-based learning and performance assessments meet appropriate standards and incorporate technology to enhance learning, as well as providing students with differentiated learning experiences. When they coteach with classroom teachers, teacher librarians yield three-fold benefits: advancement of the administration’s change and growth plan, support of educator’s professional development, and enrichment of students’ learning experiences.

Moreillon promotes both the learning commons, and coteaching between school librarians and classroom teachers. draws Support for Moreillon’s arguments come from respected academic research in the field of school librarianship, coupled with national government studies in education. This article may be used as an advocacy piece for schools and librarians facing challenges to the concept of a learning commons, and to the integral role school librarians have in their education community.