Seeking and Finding Authentic Inquiry Models

Jacobsen. T.E., & O’Keefe, E. (2014). Seeking and finding authentic inquiry models for our evolving information landscape. Knowledge Quest (43)2, 26-33.
Summary: Jacobsen and O’Keefe suggest two shifts in education of information literacy: metaliteracy and threshold concepts. Metaliteracy is the concept that the Web 2.0 environment is better navigated by learners who are willing and able to reflect upon the interactions they have with and within this environment. Metaliterate individuals adapt to changing technologies and create relationships among related literacies. Threshold concepts are those foundational concepts necessary for understanding a particular discipline. The authors discuss ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education (2015) as threshold concepts for Information Literacy.

Evaluation: The authors stress using the Framework as a guide to teach information literacy skills. They suggest, along with a focus on metaliteracy that the Framework will push students be engaged and promote authentic inquiry instruction.