Makerspaces Blast Off!

Young, Christina

This article focuses on a school in Melbourne, Florida that set up a makerspace with the help of a $10,000 grant from a local telecommunications company. The makerspace is in the corner of the library and consists of countertops, stools, and a whiteboard, a Makey Makey kit, a 3D printer, a Raspberry Pi, Littlebits electronic circuit modules, and a few other simple tools.

There is also a train table where students create Rube Goldberg type machines. Students were initially reluctant to use the makerspace, but after being introduced to youtube videos and peer teaching the makerspace became used. It has been transformative in a social sense as a student who was viewed as “quirky” became a peer makerspace leader.

It was interesting to me that students were initially reluctant to use the space. It was also that makerspaces allow students who may not always feel valued in school to become peer leaders.