Reframing History with Storytelling

Robillard, Gail


Pinter, J. (2017).  Something old, something new: Public Service Broadcasting on history and storytelling. Retrieved from

The English band Public Service Broadcasting uses historical archival material to create their songs. According to the band’s founder, J. Willgoose, the band uses the archival material by “bringing it back to the surface, reexamining it, recontextualizing it through the music that we write around it, and drawing lines between the past and the present.” In their newest album Every Valley, the band used footage from the British Film Institute’s footage archive to tell the story of a mining boom in Wales and the later collapse of this industry.

This work by Public Service Broadcasting was interesting to me because of the classroom implications. Students could take archival materials, or literature texts, and reflect on them and what importance the students invest in the materials or texts and then “repackage” them so to speak in a creative way that illustrates the students’ meaning.