Project Based Learning Across the Curriculum, by Acacia Warren.

Name: Stephanie Desmarais

Topic: PBL, 21st Century Learning, School Reform


Warren, A.M., 2015. Project based learning across the disciplines. Corwin Publishing Company.


The author of this book, Acacia Warren was a former teacher and school principal. Her work focuses on engaging her own school and student community in ways that were meaningful for students. Her text stands as a framework for teachers, principals, school librarians and anyone wanting to implement a PBL strategy. In addition to providing a framework, her approach weaves in ways to consistently and meaningfully incorporate academics such as literacy, life skills, common core standards, 21st century skills and technology, while also engaging students.


This book is an excellent tool for all types of educators. Implementing PBL can seem like a daunting and intimidating task, however Warren makes it accessible to anyone willing to thoughtfully plan and collaborate. The text includes many templates for the reader to use as they read, and also provides plenty of examples. It is formatted in a user friendly manner, with the first chapter dedicated to explaining the whys of PBL as well as how iftfits into the +1 Pedgodgy.

School Libraries, Librarians and PBL

Chapman, Sherry


Foote, C. (2017). School libraries, librarians, and project-based learning. Internet@Schools, 24(1), 12-13.


This article exemplifies the teacher librarian’s role in project based learning authentic activities. It discusses how this school utilizes the library and librarian’s knowledge to successfully accomplish large research projects that have meaning and relevance to students.


This article discusses a very supportive and interactive example of how PBL should be done. I am inspired by the collaboration and extent of the projects these students embark upon. I can only hope that I can achieve this level of collaboration in the two schools for which I am the teacher librarian.



Adriana Lugo


Embedding Assessment Throughout the Project (Keys to PBL Series Part 5), (2014). Retrieved from

This video is a culmination to PBL and walks you, step by step, on how to make assessment a part of your PBL project. They explain the five learning keys that an assessment should have in order for it to be successful. They offer tips throughout the video. I recommend watching all five videos in the series.

PBL and STEAM Education: A Natural Fit

Liu, Jacqueline


Miller, A. (2014). PBL and STEAM Education: A Natural Fit.  Retrieved from

Educational consultant and online educator Andrew Miller cites examples on how project-based learning can be integrated into STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art and math).


This articles presents practical advice classroom teachers who teach STEAM, and it accompanies a video clip showing teachers discussing the assessment and design rubric on the students’ wing design project.  The examples offered are insightful and doable.  Great piece for STEAM educators looking for PBL ideas.