Co-Teaching: How to Make it Work

Name: Floyd Lima

Topic: Pedogogy


Peery, D. (2017, February 05). Co-Teaching: How to Make it Work. Cult
Of Pedgogy.

Summary:  The article defines team teaching, talking about the different types of team teaching structures and relationships between the two teachers. It then discusses what both parties can do to make it a positive experience both for the teachers and the students who are also part of the relationship.

Evaluation: This article talks about the delicate dance known as team teaching. One might think that sharing the work load / responsibility might make for a potential vacation (or at least a half-workload). However, there are many potential pitfalls for educators considering this arrangement. The article takes a decidedly positive view of team teaching, talking about how obstacles can be overcome. It also simplifies and summarizes the information into a clear and concise package that can be looked to both if someone is looking into the possibility of team teaching, or if a team teaching relationship has gotten off on the wrong foot.