A Look Inside the Classroom of the Future

Bailey, Rachel

Mortensen, D. (2015, July 23). A look inside the classroom of the future. Edutopia. Retrieved from http://www.edutopia.org/blog/look-inside-classroom-of-future-dana-mortenson

Summary– This article talks about the skills students will need to succeed in the workplace of the future. All of the skills center around the idea that future workers will have jobs that require them to relate to others on a global scale. Based on an analysis of many schools, the authors have concluded that many schools are already pointing their students to a global worldview. The strategies that already in many schools include leveraging real world case studies, embracing complexity, practicing empathy, using technology to enhance learning and using reflection on a regular basis.

Evaluation– I find it interesting that the emphasis is on thinking and acting on a global nature. This is no surprise since the article states “global competence as a key pillar of quality education” according to the U.S. Department of Education. Furthermore, I liked seeing the emphasis on using reflection on a regular basis. This is encouraging since “The Big Think” has been emphasized in INFO 250.