Book Love

Gould, Molly




Kittle, P. (2013). Book love: Developing depth, stamina, and passion in adolescent readers.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Heinemann

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Book Love is Penny Kittle’s guide for secondary ELA teachers who wish to implement choice reading in their English classes. While Kittle does not make a case for doing away with the more traditional shared reading that occurs in most secondary English classes, she provides guidelines, instructions, inspiration and the rationale for including choice reading in the curriculum.



This is an inspiring and empowering guide to a practice that is near and dear to my heart. If you want to create or support a culture of reading in your classroom or school, this guide not only inspires, but it provides practical advice for the implementation of a successful student-selected reading program.

Integrating Reading & Programs for ESL

Roys, Kelly
American Library Association. (2008). How to Serve the World @ your library. Retrieved from

Summary: This article from ALA describes the importance of providing collections and resources for ESL (English Second Language) learners to promote life long love of reading and learning. There are programs demonstrated as an informational resource to promote other programs in your local libraries and other resources to read to discover more about differentiation. 
Review: As an educator for the elementary age group, instruction serving this population should be relevant and applicable for information to be retained and acceptance/understanding to ensue. Students need a safe place for learning and by providing articles and information to highlight this need is important. Librarians have a duty to increase this as they are a hub for resources, programs, and types of books/materials for the students to access and teachers to utilize in their classrooms. 

Books for Reading Haters

Amy Hubschman
Z- Fun

Trombetta, S. (2015, August 14) 9 Books to read if your are someone who “hates” reading, because there is a book out there for even you Retrieved from

This web article focuses on high interest, easy-to-read, highly circulated books that most non-avid readers would find pleasurable.  The article reminds us that not all books need to be classics, critically acclaimed, or award winners to be a pleasure to read.    
Like the author of the article said, I too am always stunned when people say “they don’t enjoy reading”.  Many of those who say they don’t enjoy reading haven’t either found the right genre or the perfect book to pull them in.  Or possibly they were force fed the “classics” like many of us were in high school and as a result look at reading as a virtual whopping.  Obviously there is a time and place for the classics like Moby Dick and Shakespeare but perhaps opening up to new classics such as The Kite Runner or Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? could open the world of reading to so many new patrons.