Mindfulness in the Library

Goodman, Jana


Moniz,R. & Eshleman,J. (2016) The Mindful Librarian: Connecting the Practice of Mindfulness to Librarianship. New York: Chandos Publishing.

This book is an excellent discussion and explanation of the importance of including Mindfulness practices in the library.  Mindfulness is not only for patrons but also for the Library Professional.  As librarians are advocates for their clients, and often on the forefront of controversial issues, along with facing numerous threats to their budgets, Mindfulness can play a key role in stress reduction.  Along with stress reduction comes greater perspective and clarity about priorities.  Also many of these techniques explained in the book are useful for relationships with co-workers and patrons.

I am currently using Mindfulness in my library with each of my classes and it takes just one minute to incorporate.  I see and physically experience more productive students.  The students are settled and present and ready to work in their brief library time and I centered and ready to focus on only this one class, on what we are doing.  I find my interactions with students to be more rewarding and meaningful.  I feel less frazzled and more successful.  I highly recommend it!