Toy Take-Apart for Library Makerspaces

Bradley, Rebecca


Fontichiaro, K.. (2017) Toy take-apart: mass destruction for a purpose. Retrieved from:

This short but sweet article gives very clear and helpful instructions on how to start a “wreck lab” in a school library. Topics include an general introduction, how to find toys with little or no money, getting the best equipment for these kinds of projects to ensure safety and success, how to organize kids during the toy take-parts activities, follow-up activities, and many practical tips. 
If you are a school librarian with limited space, time, and funds, I recommend this article as a starting point in forming your new “makerspace.” It is a perfect way to get your feet wet, learn about makerspaces, and have fun with students at your school. In fact, of all of the books and articles I have read about creating makerspaces in libraries, this article seems the most doable. Enjoy!