Edmodo in the classroom

Navarro-Britt, Nelly


Rao, Aditi. (2013). Seven Reasons to Use Edmodo in Your Classroom. Teachbytes, Classroom Management: eLearning.


Information on edmodo.com use in the classroom.


Edmodo.com is like FaceBook for the classroom. Students and teachers can post and reply to posts. Teacher can set up different settings such as: only teacher posts; teacher must review students’ posts before they show up; or students post without restrictions. You can have a paperless classroom as edmodo lets you submit assignments and give quizzes.


Tags: Inquiry & Design, Digital Citizenship

Zepnick, Jaclyn
Smithsonian National Museum of American History. (2017).  Do Try This At Home! Retrieved from http://invention.si.edu/try/do-try-home
This is a “fun” link I found while browsing the web for ideas in creating a Virtual Makerspace for the library I work at. Via the Smithsonian’s “Fun Stuff for Kids Online,” the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation has an entirely different approach to fun stuff for kids not online. 

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While I could not incorporate any of these activities into my Virtual Makerspace (that would defeat the purpose of being “virtual”), I thought teachers and teacher librarians could get ideas about activities that students can physically do in class, the library, or at home. Make sure to click on the Spark!Lab and Encouraging Innovative Thinking tabs too. 

Zepnick, Jaclyn


Ray, M. (2016). Changing the Conversation About Librarians. Retrieved from http://www.schoollibraryadvocacy.org/recent.html

This Ted Talk by Mark Ray is empowering. He discusses the idea of creating “future ready librarians” and how school librarians need to work together in order to connect and be truly transformative district leaders. Also check out his collaborative endeavor: Project Connect.