Dangers of Technology in Education

Sasaki, Lori


Ravitch, D. (2017, December 29). 5 Risks Posed by the Increasing Misuse of Technology in Schools. EdSurge. Retrieved from https://www.edsurge.com/news/2017-12-29-5-risks-posed-by-the-increasing-misuse-of-technology-in-schools?utm_source=EdSurgeLive&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=01-10-18&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTkRaallUWm1PVFkzTlRBeiIsInQiOiJXQ1wvRU1ZNUVDUEwzdGxoN1pxU2dnRnRoS21GUUVoWDhFWFFQMTZvbE5HWTZNMjlBQTk2NVl3enZOcTRNbnMrYUJcL09LVWJCWXFFWU5mbVVHWEQ5RGRJMWlsdUJZSUdXeHh6TVVBWSs1dzNsd2JVejRNME5STHRadHNEbzZNTmlpIn0%3D

In this article, Ravitch addresses potential impacts of misuse of technology in schools. She acknowledges the creativity and inspiration that teachers can have using technology, but places the blame on the tech industry for not doing enough to counter the fears of an increasingly tech-centric, impersonal, cost-driven education.

This article was a good reminder about the powers ($) and hidden agenda behind the proliferation of technology. With the rapid rise in the ubiquitous nature of technology, it is easy to forget dangers such as eroding student privacy and an increasing reliance on computerized assessments. There are definitely companies profiting greatly off of the incorporation of technology into every facet of education, and this article is an important caution flag to consider technology in the context of all that we value in an education.