Simplicity can be Complex

Name: Needham, Theresa


Snow, S. (2015, January 28). This surprising reading level analysis will change the way you write. Retrieved from

Summary: Some of the best writers of our time have not authored books with a college reading college; case in point, Hemingway rarely wrote above a 9th grade reading level. The author describes the stunning discovery that as a society, we have come to assume that complex writing structure equates with complex ideas; and yet, this is not holding to be true. The reality of the world is that people do not like to read texts written at the collegiate level, that the universal comfort level is set at 6th-9th grade. These texts can communicate their complex and valuable ideas to a far larger audience when written for where people can and will read at, rather than some idealized level.

Evaluation: A very interesting article, especially since the author gives links to the data used in his analysis.  I felt it was illuminating to find that some of our most beloved writers were writing for the everyday people rather than a scholarly approved addition to a journal. The article is quite thought provoking.