Library Space

Library Space

Corrinne Abbott

ET-New Trends

Beirut, M. (2017). How to design a library that makes kids want to read. TEDNYC.

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Beirut (2017) recounts the unintended consequence of his part in designing for The L!brary Initiative for public school libraries. Using art and graphics in school libraries helped refresh the building, but also refreshed the views of the students, teachers, and librarians. The use of murals in the library’s physical environment ended up playing a part in the learning process. One library requested something to brighten the large empty space between the bookshelves and the ceiling. Using cheerful images of actual students in the library not only filled in the wasted space but created the focus on WHY the library exists: for the kids. Other libraries in the initiative started asking for designs like this.

This funny TEDTalk recognizes the importance of the environment. My favorite mural was created by Maira Kalman; it uses mixed media and “crytpic” words to create a sense of intrigue.