Using Technology to Foster Literacy Skills

Name: Escobar, Cynthia

Topic: ET-Educational Technology

Citation: Flanagan Knapp, N. (2019). Using Technology to Foster “Real Reading” in the School Library and Beyond. Knowledge Quest, 48(1), 54–60.

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Summary: The article examines how technology and traditional literacy do not have to work against one another and claims that technology can actually help increase literacy. The article focuses on five ways that digital technologies can support and enhance more traditional literacy development. Beyond the explanation and analysis of the five ways that technology increases literacy, the author provides various digital resources and brief explanations that support each category. 

Evaluation: This article is useful for those interested in learning about how technology and digital resources can increase literacy. It is especially helpful for those needing additional research to provide those who doubt the benefits and impact technology can have in building literacy skills. The various resources provided are helpful tools that are practical for school librarians and teachers.