Why Teachers & School Librarians Should Unite!

Murphy, James


Grover, R. (2017, March 6). Students learn more when teachers and librarians collaborate. Retrieved May 12, 2018, from https://www.middleweb.com/34240/why-teachers-school-librarians-should-unite/

This article relates the experiences of a classroom teacher collaborating with a school librarian and then expands on collaborating as the author becomes a school librarian herself. Her first collaboration involved integrating historical fiction into seventh grade English. The project integrated primary sources from a database to inspire students to create home/war front letters from the World War II era. She then goes on to briefly describe several collaborations after she became a librarian. Next, she details how schools with certified librarians are higher achieving and how librarians improve technological effectiveness in their schools. Finally, she encourages teachers to start collaborating with their librarians and suggests inviting them to department meetings.

This article ran a nice gamut of interesting personal projects and demonstrated the value of the school librarian to an educational community. Showing collaboration from both the classroom instructor and school librarian sides was illuminating.