Jones, Kimberly


Krashen, S. (2020). GSSR. YouTube.

Summary: Stephen Krashen discusses the importance and the powerfulness of Guided Self-Selected Reading (GSSR). This is not the old SSR, where kids and teachers just read. This has the added layer of reading selections being guided. They can be guided on several layers. Optimal Input: Rich, abundant, comprehensible, extremely interesting, low effective filter. Pleasure Reading!

Evaluation: Krashen hits it on the head. Readers read a lot of easy but interesting texts. Guided by teachers, who know students and their interests. This is NOT AR! Students are not hemmed in by assessment levels. They have freedom to choose text based on interest, not based on an arbitrary score. There is no assessment at the end. Requires a lot of reading material, at many levels to be available. Reading must be encourage by teachers. It wouldn’t hurt for teachers to model the behavior for students. This program takes time, a year and sometimes more, before results are seen.


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