Kuhlthau and the Construction of Knowledge

Name: Parnes, Lauren

Topic: ID – constructivism

Citation: Beheshti, J., Cole, C., Abuhimed, D., & Lamoureux, I. (2014). Tracking middle school students’ information behavior via Kuhlthau’s ISP Model:Temporality. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology,66(5), 943-960

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Summary: The researchers sought to examine the changes in information behaviors over the course of a complete project and how those behaviors impacted the construction of knowledge. The findings determined five information factors that takes place over the time frame of a complete process: Goals (thoughts),Knowledge and information management (thoughts & actions),Consultation (actions),Positive emotions (feelings),Negative emotions (feelings) (p.957). The study also determined the importance of informal consultation with others. In both construction of knowledge and completion of the projects, participants used other people to test ideas and questions.

Evaluation: This article will be useful for research on applications of Kulthau’s ISP model, in a field study in an authentic education setting. This is an exploration of students’ processes to find and digest information, and to communicate it out to others in an academic setting. It could be especially useful to researchers seeking insight to emotional responses to difficult cognitive tasks in early adolescents. It is also useful to explore the concept of social construction of knowledge.

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