ET – Learning Styles

McHaney, Anita

Topic: Educational Theory

Bib. Citation:  Marshik, T. (2015, April 2). Learning styles & the importance of critical self-reflection [Video file]. Retrieved from

Summary: In this Ted Talk video, Dr. Tesia Marshik, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse debunks the educational myths of learning styles. While many of us have preferences in learning, most of what we learn is stored in terms of meaning. She reminds us that when something is pervasive, we do not think to challenge it. Just because teachers have heard of particular learning styles, they may not be based on fact, but popular opinion.

Evaluation: I think this Ted Talk is interesting. Dr. Marshik makes a lot of sense, and it is worth noting, especially how she backs up her statements with facts. This video is about 18 minutes long, which may lose a viewer’s interest, but I found her “theory of theories” valuable.

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