Voyage on the S.S. Library Leadership

Gomez, Kaitlyn


Kaplan, Judith L., & Ballard, Susan D. (2012). Voyage on the S.S. library leadership: Collaboration in teaching and learning at the University of Vermont.(FEATURE). Knowledge Quest, 40(4), 14-19.
A look at one example and review of the school that solely focuses on co-teaching. It goes in depth at what the teachers did and how it ended up working out for them.
This particular article was special as it had a different way of framing the subject and how it ultimately worked it out. It really looked at how co-teaching could happen even when both are out of state. Both teachers worked relentlessly and found different ways to communicate in order to properly figure out what they were going to do and how they proceeded.
What was so different as well is that they framed the article as a list as if they were about to set sail. They really did end up setting sail and in the end were able to value their work a lot more. This article in particular really also helped to frame the class and think about the “Big Think” portion. It fully set out what they were doing, what the plan was, how it was executed and how they walked away with an overall positive experience. Learning really isn’t just for students as the instructors are learning constantly in order to better lessons and the class experience as a whole.

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