Changing Times: School Librarian Staffing Status

Buentello, Ruby


Kachel, D.E., & Lance, K.C. (2018). Changing times: school librarian staffing status. Teacher Librarian, 45(4), 14-19. Retrieved from

This article takes a look at where school librarians stand as a profession within the last few years. There are many school districts and administrators that don’t see the value in school libraries and view teacher-librarians in the same old stereotypical role. Starting in 2009 librarian positions in schools across the nation have been declining, but there is an increase in instructional coordinators. Many district leaders do not see the value in schools having a library much less a school librarian, so they are removing them from schools, and think they can better support students by hiring instructional positions to collaborate with teachers, assist with technology, show students how to research and more. All of which school librarians are trained to do but are restricted by the school administrators because they view the role of the librarian traditionally.

I was surprised to read how school administrators would instead go through the process of hiring instructional support to collaborate with the teachers in the classroom or assist in technological instruction instead of having the teacher-librarians who are trained to this. This goes to show that school districts and administrators are aware of the importance of technology skills, collaboration, and inquiry-based learning but refuse to see that a school librarian can take on those tasks with their unique set of skills. Overall, I think this article is helpful in understanding how much the school librarian position has changed and how future school librarians may need to look for different job titles that will allow them to do what they are trained to do.

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