Birmingham Convington: Building A Student-Centered School

Buentello, Ruby


Korbey, H. (2017). Birmingham convington: building a student-centered school. In Edutopia. Retrieved from

This article focuses on Birmingham Covington School in Michigan and how their school and curriculum is student-centered. Throughout the article, there are examples of how successful and creative Birmingham Covington students are based on the environment that the school and its teachers have created. The teachers try not to teach but guide their students as to how to problem solve, be resourceful, work as a team and much more so that they are better prepared to succeed in the real world. The students are engaging more with units because it is topics that they have selected and choose to become the experts in their classrooms.

This school incorporates the elements that we are focusing on this course: design thinking, inquiry-based learning, student-centered curriculum, and collaboration.  The videos included in this article are all worth watching and shows how the school brings all the concepts together to help students learning the process. I think this is a wonderful example of a successful student-centered school and how incorporating all these elements can benefit a student’s education.

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