Co Teaching Models: Strategies and Planning

Walker, Machelle


Teachings in Education (2016, August 26). Co Teaching Models: Strategies and Planning.  Retrieved September 07, 2018, from


This short video reviews the five models of co teaching. It describes each model in detail along with the roles each teacher undertakes.  It also describes in what situation each model it can be used for the most benefit to both teachers and students.  Narrator points out what kind of student grouping is normal to each model of co teaching: including station, parallel, one teacher one support, alternative teaching, and straight on team teaching.


This was quick but helpful video that reviews the multiple models of co-teaching.  It expands far past typical teacher and assistant co-teaching which is seen in most classrooms.  I found it help in it analysis of each model ad how it can be utilized to benefit students along with in which situation each model is best used.

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