Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning – The Role of the Library Media Specialist

Cruz, Loren


Stripling, B. (2008). Inquiry-based teaching and learning – The role of the library media   specialist. School Library Media Activities Monthly. Vol. 25(1)

This article discusses the role of library media specialists in collaboration, teaching, collection development, and leadership and professional development in schools.  It focuses on how library media specialists and teachers must support each other, so that they can support students in their own inquiry processes.  It talks about creating a community of learners, creating a learner-centered environment, and making assessments of the content matter.  It also touches on collection development, and how library media specialists can carefully pick resources relevant to the curriculum that can help aide in the students’ inquiry and research process.  Effective professional development for teachers and library media specialists involves having these professionals go through the inquiry process, reflect on their inquiry experiences, and participate in a collaborative community.

This article did well at briefly describing the ways that school library media specialists can support inquiry in the classroom when collaborating with teachers.  It views library media specialists as a special resource for both students and teachers when approached with a research project.

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