Working as a learning coach

Sutherland, Shannon


O’Neil, Judy A., & Lamm, Sharon L. (2000). Working as a Learning Coach Team in Action Learning. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, (87), 43-52.

I am the varsity tennis coach at my high school, so I am familiar with coaching. I have spent many hours reading about how best to guide my players towards their individual goals and our team goal. Learning through action is the way that I learn, but it is easy to forget that when I am in front of students in the classroom. I realize that the concept of a leaning coach is different from athletic coaching and this article helped me to understand how the two styles are similar and how they are different. The strategies that I can apply, such as modeling, guiding instead of lecturing, and repetition, can also be found in coaching tennis. The best way to learning the game is to play the game which is also true in the classroom. I found that this article explains the concept.


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