Education, the Brain, and Common Core Standards

Karen Mooney

Educational Theory and Practice


Persaud, R. (2013). Education, the brain, and Common Core State Standards. Edutopia. Retrieved from


Understanding how the brain learns can help teachers and students meet the requirements of the CCSS. How do you teach someone to think critically? Start with the brain. Brain targeted teaching model: organizes key educational theories into a single framework, combining neuroscience research with teachers’ and students’ feedback. There are six targets in the Brain-Targeted Teaching Model: 1) Emotional Climate, 2) Physical Environment, 3) Designing the Learning Experience, 4) Teaching for Mastery of Content, Skills and Concepts, 5) Teaching for the Extension, 6) Evaluating Learning. Brain science research indicates how the essence of learning is about biological changes; therefore, focusing on the science of learning must be central to education discussions.


This is a powerful reminder of how teachers need to understand the neuroscience behind learning and how incorporating the a brain targeted method of teaching can make learning more engaging and deeper. It could be especially meaningful for students with adverse childhood experiences whose brain development may have been affected by their life circumstances.

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