Student As A Citizen: Teaching Critical Civic Literacy Skills in the Library

Plummer, Shannon


Levin, S. J. (2016). Student as Citizen: Teaching Critical Civic Literacy Skills in the Library. Knowledge Quest44(5), 28–31. Retrieved from:

Summary: An article written by a school librarian who’s goal is to teach students to become responsible citizens. Allowing them to discover a sense of purpose and feel they are important to the democratic process. She defines civic literacy as, “a cornerstone of a democratic society, and the ability to name, analyze, and act on a social or political issue.” A sample project is provided where students engage in civic literacy work as a freshman and continue throughout high school. During these project students, focus on an aspect of their own identity, allowing them to recognize their own values and then apply them. They participate in off-campus community organizations, putting their civic literacy skills into action.

Evaluation: I think this is a wonderful way to inspire students to discover that they have a voice in relevant issues in their own communities. I really like that they choose something to work on that they themselves identify with, allowing for deeper meaning. A democratic society depends on informed citizens who can participate in and initiate social change.

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