What’s the Best Way to Teach Science?

Murphy, James


Bozeman Science. (n.d.). What’s the best way to teach science? Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzoIz2W-gLQ

This video is the (very good) opinion of a science teacher as to the best way to teach science. His philosophy is that the best way to teach science is to “do science.” His guiding motto is: “Don’t kill the wonder (and… don’t hide the practices).” He describes wonder as the state of true inquisitiveness, when someone is trying to figure something out. He then gives a great demonstration. The best way to start teaching is to ask great questions, and to not just answer the questions for students. The presenter then communicates many of the different practices that scientists use, and encourages teachers to make these practices known to their students.

Although this video is about science, I believe it can have a similar application to many or even all subjects taught in school. It focuses on the natural fascination that we all have with inquiry, and that the suspense and journey of discovery is truly rewarding and satisfying. I still want to figure out the “wonder tube” by myself without looking up the answer!

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