Personal Learning Environment

Name: Needham, Theresa

Personal Learning Environment: Instructional Design

Valjataga, T., & Laanpere, M. (2010). Learner control and Personal learning environment: A challenge for instructional design. Interactive Learning Environments,18(3), 277-291.

Summary: Giving the learner control over the learning process shifts the learning from teacher to student driven. This type of learning mirrors ‘real world’ inquiry. The main benefit of giving students increased control over their own learning plan is that it can encourage the students to become an individual who is capable of self instruction; therefore, become a life-long learner.

Evaluation: Unlike many articles, this particular text is a scholarly article and one must be prepared to read through the writer’s study.It is interesting to read the writer’s thoughts on self direction and the actual responses of student who participated in the study.

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