‘Personal Learning Environments’ Focus on the Individual

Amdahl, Scott


Ash, K. (2013). ) ‘Personal Learning Environments’ Focus on the Individual’ Personal learning environments’ emerging as K-12 trend to watch. Education Week. Retrieved from: https://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2013/05/22/32el-personallearning.h32.html


This article discusses the integration of a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) into the K-12 classroom. It discusses the benefits of distributing classroom information along with outside resources in a personalized format for each student. These benefits include the easy transmission of classroom information such as the expected standards, and the transparency of sharing their work with their parents. It also discusses potential drawbacks of giving students unlimited internet access and the requirement that each student have a device that allows them to create a PLE.


This is a light toned article that promotes the benefits of using a PLE as an organizational tool both for the students and for the organization. One of the many advantages that the author points out is the ability to educate the students while helping them craft their PLE’s. For example, teachers are able to teach literacy and website evaluation techniques.

For a quick review of what a PLE is, and how it might be integrated in the classroom, this is a nice article.


Tags: Instructional Design, Collaborative Learning, Personal Learning Environment

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