Fake News

Katy Golden


Coughlan, S. (2017). Schools should teach pupils how to spot ‘fake news’. Retrieved from http://www.bbc.com/news/education-39272841

In an article that I thought was especially relevant given the current political climate, this author discusses how the educational leadership in England plans to alter their standardized test, the Pisa, to assess students’ abilities to think critically and distinguish fake news from real news. They talk exstensively about the idea of critical judgment, and how students need to have the 21st century skill of being able to parse out truth from fiction.

Now that you can’t necessarily trust everything you read, especially on the Internet, it’s particularly important that kids can think critically and decide for themselves what is and isn’t true. They warn of other dangers inherent in the current social media culture as well, such as the development of a mono-culture and the belief in one right way to do things, that they suggest teachers address as well.

As school librarians, it’s a big part of our job to help kids become information literate and a very big part of that is developing the skill of parsing fake news from real news.

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