Sir Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms

Anthony Devine

RSA Animate created this fantastic visualization of a talk on changing education paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson:

I loved this talk (and visualization) so much that I went to the RSA website and purchased a digital PDF of the final visual. It cost me One British Pound, and I had it printed out on a poster printer we have at my school–I still need to find a frame for it.

Sir Ken Robinson, deliverer of one of the most popular TED Talks: Do Schools Kill Creativity?, delivers a talk here about how our education system was built on a model of industrialization, which has led to a host of problems as we move beyond that model. The video delivers visuals to accompany Robinson’s ideas, leaving the viewer with a greater understanding of the context of the development of education as well as the flaws with the current system.


Robinson, K. (2010, October 14). RSA ANIMATE: Changing education paradigms [YouTube video]. The RSA [YouTube channel]. Retrieved from

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