Libraries are Needed

Harman, Sheila

McAfee, Dianne (1989). The Library Quarterly: Information, Community,
           Policy,Vol. 59, No. pp. 131-147

Looking at positive self-concepts in children is another way to understand the influence of a library and its users. In a first of its kind study that evaluated the influence of libraries in 1989, Dianne McAfee studied three library media centers (LMC’s) in schools from urban, suburban, and rural Wisconsin. She looked for outcomes in learning highlighted by cooperation, independence, success, positive atmosphere, challenges, self worth, and acceptance by others. This was an attempt to understand the role of the library as it relates to enhancing a young student’s self esteem. Concepts about “development of positive self-concept” and “strong reciprocal relationship between positive self-concepts and academic success” were highlighted. The results of the Wisconsin report showed that the pre, post and during school library hours afforded a positive influence on overall student satisfaction and self value did increase. Hooray, for libraries!

Rating: I think this writing is worth reading to see how far we have come in our concept of what libraries do for students. It is great to move away from academic goals alone.

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