Free to Make

Bradley, Rebecca


Dougherty, D. & Conrad, A. (2016) Free to make: How the maker movement is changing our schools, our jobs, and our minds. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books.
Dale Dougherty is the founder and CEO of Maker Media, Inc, which launched a magazine called “Make” in 2005 and Maker Faire in 2006. Since then the Maker Movement has exploded around the world. In this book, Dougherty describes the “Maker Mindset” and who, what, where, and how people are exploring this exciting trend with hundreds of concrete real-life examples. Of particular interest to me is the chapter titled “Making is Caring” in which Dougherty states that the “Maker Movement asks us not only what technology can do but what good people can do as a community to use such tech tools to take care of ourselves and others.”

I found this book to be an excellent historical overview of the Maker Movement and a good starting point for teacher-librarians and librarians who wish to create a Makerspace of their own. It is thorough, easy to read, and highly inspirational. 

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