Coteaching and the Learning Comons

Alpers, Jessica

ET-Educational Theory and Practice

Loertscher, D. V., & Koechlin, C. (2015). Coteaching and the learning commons: Building a participatory school culture. Teacher Librarian, 43(2), 12.

Summary: The focus of this paper is to inform on how to build a school culture with emphasis placed on participation. The two strategies used to accomplish this are creating a learning commons and instituting collaboration and coteaching with the librarian and teachers. Dr. Loertscher defines coteaching as “the art of two or more mentor adults who plan, teach, and assess a learning experience together.” This is then supported with a study he conducted. A learning commons is then described, much like we have described in our workshops. Adding to this, the collaboration is described. One specific not is the use of the 18 think models, and moving past “bird units.” The paper concludes by stating that this movement will strengthen the school as a learning force.

Evaluation: This paper is a wonderful source for a summary of what many of our workshops have discussed. None of the information is new, however it is a good review and a good resource. For those wishing to have a written form of what we have discussed, or a compiled summary, I would highly recommend this article. It does not hurt that it was written by our very own Dr. L.!

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