Professional Learning Networks

Felix Davila III
Moreillon, J. (2016). Building your PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK (PLN): 21st-century school librarians seek self-regulated professional development online. Knowledge Quest, 44(3), 64-69. Retrieved from
Moreillon’s work here is a strong reminder of the necessity of developing a personal learning network. A PLN is essentially a core of resources that allows professionals to communicate or collaborate with others of the same field to expose themselves to new resources, tactics and more. The article provides a listing of ideas that librarians should bookmark for future reference. Moreillon includes discussion boards, Twitter groups or hastags, Facebook groups, webinars and blogs as common resources that can provide endless engagement, workshopping and brainstorming.

What is important to realize is that professional development is not simply located at work through employee meetings or training sessions. With technology, professional development is an every day, every hour phenomenon that can allow professionals a chance to grow and develop. Essentially, librarians should not rule out any outlet where they can connect with fellow librarians. This article motivated me to join a Facebook group of students that have taken INFO 254, which allowed me to not only share and receive ideas, but keep in touch with colleagues without compromising my personal social media (an important factor for those that may be really concerned with privacy).

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