Cover, Sara
Edutopia. (2012, March 14). Singapore’s 21stcentury teaching strategies [Video file]. Retrieved from
This Edutopia YouTube video shows what 21stcentury teaching and learning looks like at one school in Singapore. The video highlights students as seekers and creators of knowledge, and teachers as facilitators of this information. In this school they use technology as a way to learn; they do not keep students away from modern technology, rather teachers guide them to use technology in an appropriate, effective way.
This short video is a great resource when working with schools and/or teachers who are hesitant about incorporating technology into their curriculum. In addition to showing a wide range of ways technology can be incorporated into a classroom, the video also illustrates how teachers should take a step back and position themselves as facilitators rather than keepers of knowledge. With today’s technology, students are more than equipped with the tools they need to seek out information; it is our job as educators to guide them and help them use these tools and their newfound knowledge effectively.

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