Modeling information literacy for classrooms of the future

DiZazzo, Cynthia

McNicol, S. (2014). Modeling information literacy for classrooms of the future. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 47, 303-313. doi: 10.1177/0961000614526612
McNicol (2015) discusses the importance of students as creators of knowledge, a key standard for modern literacy which has often been overlooked in information literacy (IL) models. McNicol maintains that in many IL models, “the focus is on the learner as a consumer, evaluator and organiser of information which has previously been produced, rather than as a creator and originator of knowledge” (2015, p. 305). In her research, she determined that students were motivated through their participation in the design phase of an activity, creativity was enhanced and links to real world skills were reinforced.
This article is helpful in directing teacher librarians and classroom teachers to capitalize upon students’ strengths, interests and ingenuity when designing collaborative projects to address modern literacy skills. In addition to promoting collaboration among students and teachers, McNicol’s findings encourage educators to allow and value flexibility in content, structure, and sequence when using information literacy models with students. The information presented also inspires teachers and teacher librarians to acknowledge students as content creators, rather than just consumers of information.

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